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   Affordable add-on solutions,   

   made in Victoria.   

Eli Innovation is a local manufacturer of dairy equipment, specialising in affordable automation solutions. Eli's modular products integrate with your existing systems, so you can keep your current investment in place while automating the processes that will give you the biggest gains in efficiency. 


They engineer their products on the ground in Gippsland, working closely with farmers to develop custom solutions to meet their needs. 


Eli Innovation offers an excellent starting point for automation, and free trials are available for most of their equipment.


Automatic Cup Removers

Eli's ACRs are fully pluggable, making them quick to install and service. Pro models include milk metering with live volume display, and all models come with easy-to-use in-bail controllers. They integrate with all major Australian herd management systems.


Stand-alone Milk Meters

Eli’s SAMMs simply add-on to existing cup removers (such as Waikato and Boumatic brands) to capture data on volume, duration and conductivity. They integrate with Australian herd management systems and optional keypads provide live volume display.


Smart Paddock Feeders

Eli's Automatic Paddock Feeder 'The Promitor' is solar-powered and mobile with a built-in ID tag reader. It allows you to set grain allocations for each cow, to be dispensed automatically when cows enter the station. It is customisable with your desired number of stations.


Milk Sampling Tools

Eli's 'Milk Thief' is an easy-to-use sampling tool that can be installed or removed in under a minute per bail. Suitable for both rotary and herringbone sheds, horizontal or vertical sampling. It offers various sizes of sampling and takes industry standard sampling flasks.


Business of the Year, Manufacturing & Industrial

Gippsland Business Awards, 2014 & 2018


Over 150 farms worldwide

Farms all over the world operate Eli's Australian-made equipment, across Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, China, India and the UAE.

"We’ve had the Eli Milk Meters in operation since 2001. They have been very successful and an undeniable asset to the business. Exceptional accuracy of milk volumes.


The Cup Removers have also decreased cell count and reduced fluctuations of overall health issues due to consistent and proper take off from the animal.


The service and backup support provided by Eli is one that we could not survive without. The whole Eli system provided a huge amount of data to help us make decisions."

- Ray & Sue Howe, Bonnie View Pastoral

Eli products are produced by the same team behind Gippy Dairy Centre

The success of Eli’s systems led the business to offer a range of products and services from other leading brands to its customers, to provide a complete suite.

As this offering grew, the new umbrella business of Gippy Dairy Centre was formed to manage all sales and service, allowing the Eli team to focus on product development.


Learn more about Eli Innovation

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