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  Nedap CowControl  

All-in-one identification, heat detection and health monitoring

Gippy Dairy Centre proudly partners with Nedap to offer a precise picture of your herd's health and fertility with CowControl™.​ Nedap's neck collars contain ISO-compliant SmartTags that identify cows and track signs of heat, eating, rumination and inactivity 24/7. You can see individual cow or herd reports at any time on your phone or PC, plus choose to receive alerts when cows require your attention. 

Nedap CowControl™ integrates with herd management systems like Easy Dairy for automatic drafting of cows that need inspecting. You can even draft by neck collar alone, by adding a simple antenna to your drafting gate that reads the SmartTags.

With millions of Nedap units in operation across more than 100 countries, you can be confident in early and reliable health alerts that have been validated by universities and research institutes worldwide. 

"It’s very accurate, you can see cows turn up 21 days after the last time. The monitoring of health is 100%, it’s picking out everything. It’s just like having another person to watch the cows."
- Brian Mooney, Dairy Farmer 


Nedap CowControl combines an unmatched range of features into one highly advanced, easy-to-use system:



ISO compliant cow identification in all your automated systems such as milking, feeding and drafting equipment.


Heat detection

Highly accurate heat detection with advice for the optimal insemination moment, as well as reproduction insights.


Eating, rumination and inactivity

Proactive, individual health management for early detection of health issues and intensive monitoring of cows in recovery.


Herd performance

Chart the behaviour patterns of groups and the entire herd to evaluate the impact of your decisions on herd performance and make improvements.


Integration and connection

Easily connect Nedap CowControl to your farm automation systems and dairy management programs thanks to advanced integration applications


Real time information on all devices

All team members have access to real-time and relevant insights fitting everyone's needs.

Get in touch with the Gippy Dairy Centre team to discuss how CowControl collars could work on your farm

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